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Predicting Commodity Price Movements with Kontoor ...

Each day thousands of news articles are published by large news agencies. Reuters alone publishes

Location Analytics Industry Trends

Here are three relevant industry trends, why I believe WhereOS is going to change the

Kiinteistömaailma, eCraft and WhereOS analyzed th...

Kiinteistömaailma, eCraft and WhereOS implemented together an analysis of house price development in six largest


Platforms: WhereOS, Spark, Hive Class: com.whereos.udf.KONEElevatorCallUDF More functions can be added to WhereOS via Python


zscore(value, mean, stddev) – Returns a standard score (zscore) Platforms: WhereOS, Spark, Hive Class: hivemall.ftvec.scaling.ZScoreUDF


xpath_string(xml, xpath) – Returns the text contents of the first xml node that matches the