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Increase the productivity of data engineers, developers and scientists.

Our mission is to speed up development of analytics solutions and data driven applications

WhereOS is a cloud based operating system for distributed, data driven applications, that’s built on top of Apache Spark. WhereOS makes it easier to build, host, distribute and share applications built using (big) data.

Fast Data Integration

Integrate any data source, in any format through any protocol in a few minutes; streaming, push and pull integrations are supported.

AI/ML/data microservices

Create, deploy and orchestrate AI, ML or other data related functions as microservices based on docker containers.

Data Processing Pipelines

Read, process and join different data sources. Apply different functions from microservices to your data.

UI / Application hosting

Develop and deploy web applications using your favourite tools and host them on top of your data. Create native

Rapid API creation

Turn your data and pipelines into REST APIs to allow others to develop applications using your data.

Custom Domain

You can host your APIs and applications through or your own domain e.g.

No local data center installations are required – with WhereOS you just focus on working with your data and delivering insightful applications on top of it.

WhereOS provides all the required tools to create analytics apps out-of-the-box: ingesting data, cleaning & transforming the data, creating models out of the data, exposing the data and models through APIs, and developing visualizations and apps on top of the APIs.


WhereOS is a data innovation platform and service.

For teams and businesses who want to get more value out of data – WhereOS minimizes your effort and maximizes your results.

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