How to Create Road Hazard Index from RoadCloud Data?

Here’s question to all data scientists, and everyone interested in safer traffic: How to make traffic in cities safer? What are the most dangerous roads in a city in terms of traffic and why? What kind of ideas do you have to take the Road Hazard Index to the next level, and who could be the users of this data for safer cities?

We at WhereOS have built a basic version of Road Hazard Index for Helsinki, Finland together with RoadCloud Oy from commercial vehicle data, taking into account ABS (anti-lock braking system) and ASR (traction control) events from the car data. This obviously depends on the road surface conditions (snow, ice, wet, dry), traffic speeds, traffic arrangements (pedestrian crossings, traffic lights) etc.

See the attached video for visualization of the Road Hazard Index.

How to Embed a WhereOS App

Embedding a WhereOS apps to any web page or a blog is easy. Just include the an HTML iframe-tag with width and height properties, and point the link to the application you have created.

URL Format:


[domain] is the name of the service domain you have used when starting the WhereOS service for yourself

[application_name] is the name of the application

[ui_view_name] is the name of the UI view, if more than one UI view exists for the given application

Remeber to replace spaces in the application name with underscore in the URL.

<iframe frameborder="0" style="width: 100%; height: 400px;" src=""></iframe>