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WhereOS and EEE Innovations Speed Up Data Science Solution Development for Automotive Data

Speeding Up Development and Deployment of Solutions for the Customers of EEE Innovations

EEE Innovations products and services featured in The Advancements TV series with Ted Danson View the full video.

EEE Innovations Oy develops E3 ForeC and E3 Sense products for passenger cars and heavy traffic to collect and refine data from CAN bus of the vehicles, such as accurate location, outdoor temperature information, unexpected braking situations, vehicle diagnostics information and CO2 emissions. The E3 solution produces information from vehicles to develop data driven products and services for drivers, fleet managers, authorities, road maintenance operators, insurance companies, vehicle computer manufacturers, self-driving cars and other road users.

The need of EEE Innovations is to create specific analyses, visualizations, dashboards and applications of the data they collect their customers’ fleets of vehicles. The goal was to speed up innovation work – how can we speed up the cycle of identifying customer needs and rapidly creating analyses, visualizations and applications that can be used for marketing and as a proof-of-value concepts for customers, to get more brand exposure and actual sales leads for EEE Innovations.

Cross Functional Kick Off Day

The process started with WhereOS and EEE Innovations hosting together a workshop day, with EEE cross-functional team with people from different backgrounds including data science, R&D, marketing, communications and management. The goal was to kick-start the development by identifying the value adding use cases from the customers and marketing point of view, and with the help of EEE Innovations & WhereOS technical teams rapidly develop the first applications to match the identified use cases.

The result of the kick off day was excellent both from EEE Innovations and WhereOS point of view: “It was amazing to see how fast our team picked up the idea of rapidly creating new kinds of data visualizations, that actually help us to sell our products & data better to our customers”, says Jarmo Leino, CEO of EEE Innovations. “I was impressed by the team at EEE Innovations, and how they could innovate new ideas and develop and deploy new applications just within one day, to create something new and interesting for customers”, says JP Partanen, CEO of WhereOS.

Geospatial Time-Series Data Development by EEE Innovations

After the kick off day, EEE Innovations continued the development with the lead of the EEE Innovations CTO Paula Silvonen: “Using WhereOS for creating value adding analyses and visualizations of geospatial time-series data from our EGRIP data was easy and definitely produced a productivity boost for our team”. EEE Innovations team continues to use WhereOS as a part of their data science tool-chain, and plans to extend their work to also participate in the WhereOS Ecosystem.

EEE Innovations Featured in the Advancements TV series and Expanding to Passenger Cars

The world-leading work of EEE Innovations was recognized by ForeC and EGRIP systems being featured in an episode of Advancements TV with Ted Danson on CNBC. Some of the time-series visualizations implemented with WhereOS are shown in the TV episode.

“We continue to work together to create new innovations together with WhereOS in this space – there’s more to come especially in the area of passenger cars so stay tuned”, says Jarmo Leino, CEO of EEE Innovations.

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