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onehot_encoding(PRIMITIVE feature, …) – Compute onehot encoded label for each feature

WITH mapping as (
m.f1, m.f2
from (
select onehot_encoding(species, category) m
from test
) tmp
array(m.f1[t.species],m.f2[t.category],feature(‘count’,count)) as sparse_features
test t
CROSS JOIN mapping m;


Platforms: WhereOS, Spark, Hive
Class: hivemall.ftvec.trans.OnehotEncodingUDAF

More functions can be added to WhereOS via Python or R bindings or as Java & Scala UDF (user-defined function), UDAF (user-defined aggregation function) and UDTF (user-defined table generating function) extensions. Custom libraries can be added on via Settings-page or installed from WhereOS Store.

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