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months_between(timestamp1, timestamp2[, roundOff]) – If `timestamp1` is later than `timestamp2`, then the result is positive. If `timestamp1` and `timestamp2` are on the same day of month, or both are the last day of month, time of day will be ignored. Otherwise, the difference is calculated based on 31 days per month, and rounded to 8 digits unless roundOff=false.
Platforms: WhereOS, Spark, Hive
Class: org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.expressions.MonthsBetween

More functions can be added to WhereOS via Python or R bindings or as Java & Scala UDF (user-defined function), UDAF (user-defined aggregation function) and UDTF (user-defined table generating function) extensions. Custom libraries can be added on via Settings-page or installed from WhereOS Store.

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