What is WhereOS?

WhereOS a new cloud based operating system for developing data driven applications. You can create an account or sign-in with your existing account

If you want to write to us, use support@eaglepeaks.com

What can I do with WhereOS?

You can do a lot. Actually, I can’t imagine a thing that couldn’t be done 🙂 Take a look at some sample apps in apps.whereos.com.

WhereOS is a new way of “turning your data into applications”. In other words, the my goal is to make data engineers and data scientists superstars: help them do create and host applications that are based on data – whether the applications are artificial intelligence, machine learning, visualisation, analytics, geographical data or other applications. And all of this should happen in minutes, days or weeks, rather than in months or years.

WhereOS lives in the cloud, which means no local data center installations are required.

How do I get started?

Read the articles in the Getting Started category in WhereOS Community. It takes only 15 minutes to register and start your first WhereOS installation and run the “Hello World” application on it.


Be Faster

How can WhereOS make me faster?

WhereOS is about productivity and speed of development – with WhereOS, you can get started in 15 minutes to deploy your first data driven application in the cloud.

The story behind WhereOS is following: before I started developing WhereOS, I was working on many different big data projects, and saw the same pattern repeating over and over.

  1. First, you put together a software stack from a mixture of open source and/or commercial products
  2. You gather and normalise the data that resides in different systems across the corporate and 3rd party systems and in different formats and protocols
  3. You apply the selected data processing/machine learning/artificial intelligence algorithms into your data
  4. You create an application UI or visualization out of the data for people to use

WhereOS cuts the time for the above process from weeks or months to hours or days: Installation takes 15 minutes, data integration and normalisation takes a few minutes to set up, there’s a plenty of existing applications and algorithms in the WhereOS Store you can re-use to create your app.


Be Smarter

How can WhereOS make me smarter?

WhereOS helps you to get more value out of your data. It helps you to share your latest innovations with the rest of the community and promote your work.

Who We Are

Who are we?

That’s a good question really. Let me put it this way: We are developers, scientists and designers. We are a movement and we are revolutionary. We are people who love data and all those beautiful things we create out of it.

WhereOS is a product, a start-up, a community and an ecosystem. So, WhereOS is all of us: it’s me, it’s you and it’s everyone helping each other to create better experiences out of data every day.

WhereOS has been created by me, JP. If you wish to contact me, send me a message over Linkedin



Where Do People with High Income Live in Helsinki?

This is an app, through which you can visualize demographic data from Finland. Try also clicking for example “Relative” and “Higher level university degree”, or “Employed”. Click here to open the application Check this article how to embed a WhereOS app to your own website. If you have ideas what kind of data you’d like …