Business Challenge

Utilizing eCommerce Data

Opportunity Overview

This opportunity is directed to teams who are experienced in their own field and their experience and understanding can drive positive results for challenge owner. Specs for selections are introduced in “Rules” section. 

By applying, your team has a chance to close:

  • 2500 € as a participation reward (per team)
  • 15 000€ as a budget for a POC
  • Business partnership with the challenge host

Challenge Owner Introduction

Your Company is an eCommerce marketing agency founded in 2020. Your Company is driving growth for eCommerce businesses, who are able to scale and grow in global market. 

Your Company is offering services like paid ads (sem and social), search engine optimization, marketing automation and content marketing.

Challenge Introduction

Purpose of this challenge is to design and develop a data utilization tool for Shopify eCommerce owners. 

Shopify is an eCommerce ecosystem for businesses who are selling products or services online. We are helping businesses to get as much results as possible with digital marketing efforts. Dynamic content can increase online store conversion rates and our goal is to develop a tool that can automatically show dynamic product feeds to the right audience. 


Who can apply?

Teams can include max. 3 people. Ideal team has different people with different skills and backgrounds. Team has to be capable to implement their solution after the challenge.

Expected engagament

In return of participation reward, we are expecting from you to invest 3-4 working days (per team member) to the challenge. 


Team gets 2500€ as a participation reward and winning team gets 15 000€ as a budget for proof-of-concept project.

Challenge timeline

Applications deadline: January 15th

Information about selections: January 30th

Challenge Kickoff: February 2th

Challenge deadline: March 1th

Presentations: March 7th