Ecosystem as a Service

WhereOS is an ecosystem, where different parties meet to create outstanding opportunities for partners focused 1) data monetization, 2) AI and data science technology, algorithms and applications and 3) development services. For customers – i.e. buyers of data, technology, services – WhereOS acts as one-stop-shop for bringing all necessary pieces of the ecosystem together – i.e. offering an ecosystem as a service , to maximize the ROI of investments and minimize the time to deployment of data driven business and applications.

Data Monetization Ecosystem Partners

We act as a channel for ecosystem partners to sell their data in a way that it’s super easy for customers to start using the data. The data is made available to the users of the platform through the store, meaning they can take it into use through WhereOS single-click-install.

WhereOS Store supports different business models and integrations of data: the data can be made available for free or try-and-buy basis, with wide variety of different pricing and commercial alternatives.

If you are interested in becoming a data monetization ecosystem partner, write to us at

AI & Data Science Technology Ecosystem Partners

The technology partners can supply technology that helps customers to easily deploy advanced AI & data science technology to get more value out of their data, and building increased intelligence into their applications and business.

The technology is made available to WhereOS Store as docker containers, and the users of WhereOS can again use WhereOS single-click-install to start using the services.

WhereOS offers different kinds of licensing options, ranging from free to full commercial models for offering the technology to WhereOS ecosystem customers.

If you are interested in becoming a technology ecosystem partner, write to us at

Data Scientists, Developers, Designers & Analysts

In addition to data and technology, there’s always a need for highly talented data scientist, developers, designers and business analysts to create a comprehensive ecosystem offering for customers to kick-start their work. We act as a channel for talented individuals, start-ups and teams offer their special skills to customer organizations.

If you are interested in offering the services of your company to our customers, write to us at