Ecosystem as a service

For teams and businesses who want to get more value out of data - WhereOS minimizes your effort and maximizes your results.

Start innovating with WhereOS ecosystem as a service

We believe that companies who are able to use data will be the winners in the future. 

We help our customers to create business benefits from data through experimentation and rapid innovation.

You get dedicated data innovation team including developers, designers and data engineers 

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Why WhereOS?


Fast devlopment

With WhereOS data innovation platform and ecosystem you facilitate innovation with fast turn-around cycles and deliver working solutions in a matter of days and weeks instead of months and years.


Easy to set up

From the technical point of view, with WhereOS, it’s extremely easy to built APIs and applications based on data: instead of months, new applications can be create in a matter of hours or days.


Experimentation and rapid innovation

Businesses are getting more and more connected to online, cloud based information systems as a part of their business processes.

WhereOS enables business to gather data, turn it into valuable insights and deliver to right channels at the right time.

Increase the productivity of data engineers, developers and scientists

Our mission is to minimize the data engineering work and maximize the value they get out of their data.

Fast Data Integration

Integrate any data source, in any format through any protocol in a few minutes; streaming, push and pull integrations are supported.

AI/ML/data microservices

Create, deploy and orchestrate AI, ML or other data related functions as microservices based on docker containers.

Custom Domain

You can host your APIs and applications through or your own domain e.g.

Data Processing Pipelines

Read, process and join different data sources. Apply different functions from microservices to your data.

UI / Application hosting

Develop and deploy web applications using your favourite tools and host them on top of your data. Create native

Rapid API creation

Turn your data and pipelines into REST APIs to allow others to develop applications using your data.

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