Become a WhereOS Ecosystem Partner

We are continuously looking for ecosystem partners to drive awareness and create new business opportunities for the partners.

We are looking for partners in following areas:

  1. Data partners bring data to WhereOS Store to find new customers for the data and on the other hand make it easy for customers to refine the raw data into actual assets that are useful in the context of the customer’s business.The key benefit of WhereOS for data partners is to help with monetization and refinement of the data to meet varying customer requirements
  2. Technology partners bring new kinds of technologies to WhereOS Store – computer vision, GIS algorithms, machine learning functionality, sensor hardware, computing infrastructure etc – that enable customers reduce the time-to-market and maximize the ROI.The key benefit of WhereOS for technology partners to enable seamless integration of the technology into data processing pipelines, to make it extremely easy for customers to get value of the data, and on the other hand offer additional monetization channel for existing technologies.
  3. Consulting partners bring deep business domain knowledge in different industries – retail, banking, logistics etc –  or deep knowledge in technologies, design or strategy – interaction design, data & API strategy,IoT systems, artificial intelligence etc. The goal is to reduceThe key benefit for consulting partners is to be able to reach customers and participate in joint projects that require data, technology and talent from varying partners, which no single party can accomplish on their own.
  4. Business partners are using the ecosystem to boost their business: integrate data from the ecosystem, take advantage of technologies from the ecosystem and use consulting and development services from consulting partners.The key benefit for business partners is that they get the whole “Ecosystem as a Service”, i.e. if business partners have needs for data, technology or skilled people, WhereOS can be a one-stop-shop to supply all of these – or find new partners through the extensive network.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact us at