Our Story

Where It All Started?

Before WhereOS was developed, we saw the same pattern repeating over and over.

1. First, you put together a software stack from a mixture of open source and/or commercial products

2. You gather and normalise the data that resides in different systems across the corporate and 3rd party systems and in different formats and protocols

3. You apply the selected data processing/machine learning/artificial intelligence algorithms into your data

4. You create an application UI or visualization out of the data for people to use


WhereOS cuts the time for the above process from weeks or months to hours or days: Installation takes 15 minutes, data integration and normalisation takes a few minutes to set up, there’s a plenty of existing applications and algorithms in the WhereOS Store you can re-use to create your app.


Our mission is to speed up development of analytics solutions and data driven applications – make developers and data scientists superstars.

WhereOS Store is a key element to this: It is a place where developers can share applications, data and drivers with each other. It’s a place where you can find software and components, so that you don’t need to start new projects from scratch, but you pick and choose the right elements that hopefully get 90% done already for your new project.

WhereOS is about productivity and speed of development – with WhereOS, you can get started in 15 minutes to deploy your first data driven application in the cloud.


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